Vulcan Industrial & Mining corporation

Vulcan Industrial & Mining Corporation (VUL) was incorporated in 1953, under its former name, Vulcan Manufacturing Corporation. In 2013, VUL changed its primary purpose from mining and oil exploration to retail and relegated mining and oil exploration as secondary purposes.

The Company’s other secondary purposes include wholesale, publishing, manufacturing, distribution, and contracting, among others. The Company is also a participant in several Service Contracts, Mineral Production Sharing Agreements, and Geophysical Survey and Exploration Contracts entered with the Philippine Government, through the Department of Energy.

VUL currently has one wholly-owned subsidiary, Vulcan Materials Corporation (VMC), which is primarily engaged in the quarrying, crushing, and marketing of rock aggregates. On December 18, 2012, VUL sold its shares in VMC to Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation, a related party.

Business Address: 9/F Quad Alpha Centrum, 125 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City

Telephone No/s.: 631-3880

Fax No.: 631-3880

Email Address:

Company Website:


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