Stock Transfer Agent

Stock Transfer Agent

  • Keeps and maintains computerized stock and transfer book:
  1. Processes transfers, i.e. issuance of certificates and scripless shares ofResident and Non-Resident Shareholders
  2. Updates and maintains stockholders records, i.e. posting and recording of transactions.
  3. Handles Stock Rights, Subscriptions and Warrants etc.
  4. Provides management information service such as monthly stock movement among top stockholders of the company and other periodic reports upon request of management.
  • Assists the principal in the preparation of the following reports for SEC & PSE and other regulatory agencies:
  1. Monthly Report on the beneficial ownership of the directors and officers of  the company
  2. Monitoring report on the foreign ownership of the company
  3. Quarterly report on the top 100 stockholders of the company
  4. Other required PSE and SEC reports
  5. Other reports as per request of the Issuer
  • Acts as the Stockholders’ Relation Officer:
  1. Handles stockholders’ requests, inquiries, or complaints.
  2. Registers and cancels all bank liens constituted on the shares.
  3. Records and notifies SEC and PSE on lost, damaged, or stolen stock certificates.
  4. Assists the principal on such other stockholders’ requests.

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