About Professional Stock Transfer Inc (PSTI)

Professional Stock Transfer Inc. or PSTI has been in this business since 1993 and currently servicing 32 companies.  It is at present a subsidiary of Philcomsat Management Enterprises Inc. (PMEI).

PSTI is staffed with highly trained personnel; each equipped with the knowledge and experience in handling stock transfer operation in keeping with the high degree of specialization and standards required by our clients.

We are proud with our multi-user on-line stock transfer system.  Our system is one of the best in the industry.  It allows us to encode, update and maintain the stockholders records; process and prepare the dividend checks and certificates; process and monitor proxies quickly and efficiently.  All these tasks can be done simultaneously in several workstations.

With our high-speed printers and the system’s multi-user and on-line features, we can competently service the printing of your dividends and generate timely and accurate reports required by management, SEC, PSE, and other regulatory agencies.

One thought on “About Professional Stock Transfer Inc (PSTI)

  1. Dear Ms. Serafica. This is Atty. Barleta of PNOC. I am coordinating the issuance of stock certificate for the shares of Mrs. Fe Lanuza at PNOC DMC. I shall be sending a formal letter on this matter. Hoping for your accommodation since the heirs of Mrs. Lanuza cannot settle the estate which had been pending for more than year, due to the absence of these certificates. I am also requesting for a certification on the shares of PNOC in PNOC DMC. Thank you.


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