Philcomsat Holdings Corp.

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Philcomsat Holdings Corporation (PHC) was incorporated as Liberty Mines, Inc. on May 10, 1956. It initially embarked on the discovery, exploitation, development and exploration of mineral oils, petroleum in its natural state, rock or carbon oils, natural oils and other volatile mineral substances. However, PHC ceased oil and mining operations in 1992. On July 23, 1997, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the change in the Company’s name to its present one. SEC likewise, approved the change in PHC’s primary purpose from a mining company to a holding company.

PHC is 81%-owned by Philippine Communications Satellite Corporation (Philcomsat), and has one wholly-owned subsidiary, Telecommunications Center, Inc.

PHC started its commercial operations as a holding company on January 1, 2000. Its operations consist primarily of leasing its condominium unit and its motor vehicles in connection with the Company-financed car assistance program of Philcomsat for its officers and directors. PHC also derives its income from money market placements and bank deposits. It has no product or service that contributes 10% or more to sales or revenue. In addition, the Company owns real estate properties.

Business Address: 12/F Telecoms Plaza Building, 316 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City

Telephone No/s.: (02) 815-8406

Fax No.: (02) 816-2517

Email Address:

Company Website :


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