Receiving Agent for IPO

Receiving Agent for IPO

  • Receives and accepts from time to time within the offer period from the trading participants and Underwriters applications to subscribe shares of stock and other required documents from stock brokers, selling agents and underwriters based on their approved allocations and in accordance with the terms and provisions of the stock subscription agreement to include check payments for Offer Shares purchased and the accompanying Sales Reports in hard and soft copies.
  • Stations representatives in both Ayala and Tektite Offices/Trading floors of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to accept applications to subscribe shares of stock supported by required documents forms from Local Small Investors (LSIs)
  • Rejects, unless otherwise advised by the Issuer or its underwriters, any application: (a) subscribing to shares which are less than the required minimum subscription or more than the maximum required, (b) received beyond the closing date of the offer period, (c) executed improperly or lacking in essential information and documentary requirements in the Application to Subscribe Shares of Stock, and (d) with check payments that do not meet the amount of shares applied.
  • Accounts for and deposit check payments received to your designated bank account
  • Informs Lead Underwriter/s, Issue manager/s and/or Counsel of total unsubscribed Rights Shares for funding.
  • Prepares and transmits to the Lead Underwriters, Issue Manager/s and/or Counsel for the Offer the following reports:
    • Reports (preliminary and final) on Sales based on the consolidated sales reports submitted by the stock brokers and underwriters containing shares sold and/or applied for by each underwriters and selling agents on specific date and time.
      • In the event of an under subscription or over subscription, a revised/final Report on Sales shall be prepared and submitted to the lead underwriters after they have transmitted the information regarding the reallocation of shares and/or rejection of applications, if any on specific date and time.
    • Other reports as may be required by the SEC, PSE, and PDTC.
  • Notifies and releases copies of accepted applications to brokers, underwriters and selling agents.

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