List of Principals

  1. A Brown Company, Incorporated
  2. Abacore Capital Holdings, Incorporated
  3. Agrinurture, Incorporated
  4. Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation
  5. APC Group, Incorporated
  6. Asian Hospital, Inc. ( not listed )
  7. Centro Escolar University
  8. Cityland Development Corporation
  9. City & Land Developers, Incorporated
  10. COL Financial Group, Incorporated
  11. Concrete Aggregates Corporation
  12. Crown Equities, Incorporated
  13. Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Incorporated
  14. First Abacus Financial Holdings, Incorporated
  15. Greenergy Holdings Incorporated
  16. Imperial Resources, Inc. (IMP)
  17. Jolliville Holdings, Incorporated
  18. Marsteel Consolidated, Incorporated
  19. Medco Holdings, Incorporated
  20. MRC Allied, Incorporated
  21. NOW Corporation
  22. Pacific Online System Corporation
  23. Philcomsat Holdings Corporation.
  24. Philippine National Construction Corporation
  25. Philippine Realty and Holdings, Incorporated
  26. Philtown Properties, Incorporated ( not listed)
  27. PNOC Development and Management Corporation ( not listed )
  28. Sta. Lucia Land, Incorporated
  29. TKC Steel Corporation
  30. Unioil Resources and Holdings Company, Incorporated
  31. United Paragon Mining Corporation
  32. Vulcan Industrial & Mining Corporation


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